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The Universal Catholic Church believes that the vitality of a church gains in proportion as its members increasingly draw their central inspiration from an intense faith in the LIVING CHRIST. The Church accepts in the plain and literal sense the marvelous promise of Jesus Christ when on earth: “And behold I am with you all through the days that are coming, until the consummation of the world.” (Matthew 28:20)
In regards these promises as validating all Christian worship, of whatever kind, so long as it is earnest and true. But it further holds that, while the promise of the Presence with individual believers is thus effective, our Lord also appointed certain rites or Sacraments (called “mysteries” in the Eastern Church) for the greater helping of His people, to be handed down in His Church as especial channels of His power and blessing. Through these “means of grace” He is ever present with His Church, giving to His people the wonderful privilege of fellowship and communion with Him, guiding and protecting them at every stage from the cradle to the grave.
The Universal Catholic Church recognizes seven Sacraments, which it enumerates as follows: Baptism, Confirmation, the Holy Eucharist, Absolution, Holy Unction, Holy Matrimony, Holy Orders. To insure their efficacy to the worshipper, the administration of all sacramental rites is guarded with the most jealous care. It has preserved an Episcopal succession that is valid, as understood throughout the whole of those Churches in Christendom that maintain the Apostolic Succession as a tenet of their faith.

Freedom of Thought:
Membership in most of the Christian Churches rests on the acceptance of a common belief. There is frequently wide discrepancy between the real belief of a thoughtful individual and the official profession which is expected of him. This leads to suppressed disbelief, to say nothing of insincerity, and tends to check the free exercise of the mind.

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Saint Francis
~St. Francis

St. Francis Universal Catholic Cathedral Chapel