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The Universal Catholic Church permits to lay members entire freedom in the interpretation of Creeds, Scriptures and Traditions, and of the Liturgy. It asks only that differences of interpretation be courteously expressed. The Church holds strongly that belief should be the result of individual study or intuition, not its antecedent. A truth is not a truth for a man, nor a Revelation a revelation, until he sees it to be true for himself. As a man grows spiritually, so will he grow into the perception of truth. No mere lip profession or superficial assent of the mind can take the place of this growth, and to ask anything less than this is a sacrilege. Christ surely meant His religion to be one of love and freedom, one which would help people at their different stages of spiritual growth. He did not prescribe formulae whose literal acceptance should be a condition of salvation. The consequence of being unable to recognize a truth is simply to lose the help that the knowledge of the truth would give.

Relation to Other Churches:
The Universal Catholic Church is not a new sect. It is a constituent part of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church: that historical Church which is truly One, despite its many outward divisions both in East and West, because the One Life of Christ animates and sustains it through the Sacraments He instituted. The Universal Catholic Church has preserved these Sacraments in their integrity and plenitude and believes its doctrine to be in conformance with the teachings of Christ and freed from the corruption of later ages.

Mysticism and Modern Thought:
The Church seeks to bring into alliance with its worship all that is true and good in modern thought. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18) Spiritual truths are at all times capable of discovery or re-discovery.
The traditional path of Purification, Illumination, and Union is still open for the seeker’s treading. Those who approach by this path may hope to attain the spiritual insight that is the aim of every earnest Christian.

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Saint Francis
~St. Francis

St. Francis Universal Catholic Cathedral Chapel