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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the conditions for receiving Communion in the Universal Catholic Church?
The UCC offers Open Communion; that is, we welcome all the members of the Christian Brotherhood to receive Communion at our altars. There are no membership or belief requirements. The Blessed Sacrament of Christ’s love was meant for the betterment of all people. Christ came not to heal the healthy but the infirm.

Do Universal Catholics believe that the Bread and Wine in Communion actually become the Body and Blood of Christ?
We do teach that a change (Transubstantiation) occurs in the Bread and Wine after they are consecrated in the Holy Eucharist. The Body of Christ is the vehicle of his consciousness and the Blood of Christ is his life poured out in sacrifice.

Are Universal Catholic priests allowed to marry?
Yes. Many people are unaware that the practice of requiring celibacy for Roman Catholic priests has only existed for a little over 1,000 years. It came about largely as a means of preventing the spouses and children of priests from inheriting Church property. Prior to that, married clergy were common, as they still are in the Eastern Orthodox Churches. Both celibate and married lifestyles have their respective merits.

Do you ordain women?
Yes. Gender is not an impediment to ordination at any level. Both women and men can be ordained as cleric, doorkeeper, reader, exorcist, acolyte, subdeacon, deacon, priest, and bishop.

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