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Frequently Asked Questions (continued):

Are divorced or remarried people welcome in your Church?
Yes. We do not kick or keep people out because of divorce, nor do we bar them from receiving the Sacraments. To do so is totally inconsistent with the example of love and forgiveness given by our Master, Christ.

Will you baptize children born out of wedlock?
Absolutely. The practice of some Churches to deny Baptism to children born out of wedlock is truly a sin. The Sacrament of Baptism is intended to benefit the child, not the parents; therefore, the marital status of the parents is not relevant.
Do Universal Catholics practice artificial means of birth control, such as birth control pills?
The Universal Catholic Church places no restrictions on its members use or lack of use of birth control methods. In fact, many Universal Catholics, in keeping with church belief that religion should keep pace with human growth and enlightenment, consider family planning an important part of responsible human sexuality.

Speaking of sexuality, are homosexuals welcome in the Universal Catholic Church?
Yes. Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual people may receive Holy Communion at our altars, with no need to hide or repress their sexual orientation.

Didn't Christ teach that homosexuality was a sin?
No. Christ never mentioned homosexuality in any way. We might wonder why so many Christians are worried about something that Christ never once mentioned. While the Old Testament does condemn certain forms of homosexual behavior, such as homosexual rape, it also condemns men cutting their facial hair, eating pork, and many other things that today's Christians do not consider sinful. Homosexuality likely has a biological basis. Christ did not single out homosexuality for scorn, and neither should we.

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