When other churches in the area have stopped celebrating the ancient and mystical form of the liturgy. We at St. Francis have continued to do so. We've married people turned away from many other churches; and healed the sick when no one else would visit them in their home or hospital. When other churches said no to God's children, many of them came to St. Francis and we have said yes. Yes to the Catholic Sacraments for all, yes to being welcome in God's house, yes to who you are today and loved not for whom you might be; we said yes to participating in the most precious gift our Lord has given us, the gift of his Body and Blood of the consecrated bread and wine of the Holy Eucharist.

Don’t misunderstand us; we do preach some traditional teachings, but with a modern understanding. Yes, there is still sin, and yes we will teach some ‘difficult to swallow’ themes sometimes. However, we are a church in which you are encouraged to determine if a specific teaching is right for you. We won’t excommunicate for simply disagreeing with a specific teaching. All we ask is that you respect each other with your individual views and keep an open mind. You might be surprised how the Holy Spirit may enlighten you and your views!

Come join us for a traditional form of ritual and worship. Come join us as a true Christian community, where the Sacraments are denied to few (if any) and open to many (if not all!)!




Saint Francis
~St. Francis

St. Francis Universal Catholic Cathedral Chapel

Coat of Arms of The Most Rev. Robert Winzens..Is eram tunc ut Portavi vos.