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on Love:

Nothing comes close to being as important as love. We are to love three things: God, ourselves, and our neighbor. The Master Jesus taught us relationships, not laws. It isn't who you are: it is what you do. We have never had to clear a directive from so informed a source.

How are we supposed to go about loving God, loving ourselves, and loving our neighbor? That is up to you. That’s right: you need to decide how you will be expressing love.

We can all do something. We all have talents: comforting those in grief, healing those in sickness. Some can reach out to others in writing and on the internet. Others help by cleaning the church building.

All of us chip in and support our church with money, which is a representation of our personal energy spent at work.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you can do, but we all need to do something. Someone once taunted Mother Teresa of Calcutta, saying “You think you’re going to wipe out poverty? You’re old and sick yourself.” Mother Teresa replied, “I wasn’t called to be successful. I was called to be faithful.” But think of the thousands of people she is said to have helped. She was successful, and she touched so many lives, but success was a by-product, not the goal of her life. Mother Teresa said, “Each one of us has something beautiful to do for God

Saint Francis
~St. Francis

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